Creative Escapes by Heirloom are meant to be “retreats” from our every-day lives.

Our mission is to provide a unique opportunity for our participants to focus on all things creative, while inspiring personal growth. These workshops are a safe space to spend time reconnecting with ourselves and one another. Whether you are a creative or not, finding ways to balance the demands of life with what our souls long for is not easy. Finding a tribe that will support us along the way can also be a challenge. At Heirloom, we believe that true relationships are formed out of vulnerability, so our goal is to provide a space where we can make those true connections.

All of our workshops will have a natural element. We find inspiration in nature, whether walking through the woods to gather elements for a wreath, or doing yoga in the middle of a field of wildflowers. Our bodies need to move, they need to be outdoors. Our souls long for fresh air and nature.

We love for our participants to come with a group of friends, but we highly encourage you to feel comfortable coming alone as well. Our hope is to help you find the courage to be open and vulnerable in order to connect with other participants and forge deeper relationships that spill over into your lives after the workshop.


The Why

I am so blessed to have a group of amazing women in my life – we have a soul-connection. We have been friends for most of my life. We have been there for one another through every stage of our lives – we’ve held each other up when we couldn’t stand on our own, we’ve grieved with one another and we’ve certainly celebrated with one another. Without this tribe – I would have missed some of the biggest blessings of my life. I’ve noticed, however, that these relationships are not common – and that makes me sad. I truly want this for other women. Whether we deserve it or not, women have carried a stigma of being horrible to one another, and I want to break that stereotype, in fact – I want to burn it to the ground. I honestly don’t believe it – never have. I believe that we are all stronger together and our retreats always have a mission to bring people together for that reason.

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Dried Floral Wreath Workshop

Oct 11, 2020
Join Tracie from Heirloom Floral to learn how to create your own custom dried floral wreath! This workshop includes all supplies and directional guide to learn how to create a dried floral wreath to take home! The best part? This wreath will last forever with proper care, so that you can reuse it for many years to come!

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Holiday Wreath Workshop

Winter 2020

Coming Soon

Holiday Wreath Workshop